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Go For Our Rug Deep Cleaning To Make Your Home Feel Refreshed

Winter, especially snow and rain are always noticeable on carpets and rugs in homes and offices alike. The effects of the stains from wet snow and rain can make one feel uncomfortable and get your rug dirty and grimy. Instead of letting these effects of the weather result to mud collection and bad odors call Broadway Carpet NY.

We clean all rugs with our safe, odor free and chemical free cleaning. Oriental, Moroccan, Pakistani, Tibetan, Safavieh, Wool, Silk, Synthetic, Nylon, Sheepskin, Hyde, Shag, Braided, Berber, Knotted and all others.

We Are Rated #1 In NYC For Our Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning New York City Broadway

We do all on site and off site rug cleaning services. Most rugs take about an hour or so to clean on site. Most rugs take less than a week to clean off site. We have trained experts ready to get those heavy stains out of your rugs; Urine, feces, vomit, oil, grease, blood, food, juice and water and fire damage. No job is too big or too small for us.

We provide our customers with excellent cleaning services. If you need any Area Rug Services in the 5 boroughs we are the organization to call, Broadway Carpet NY.

We guarantee your satisfaction or we will redo the job again for FREE.

Enjoy Our On-Site Oriental Area Rug Cleaning Services

We apply gentle but highly impressive cleaning methods in all our services both on site cleaning and off site cleaning. For that reason, you will be sure of having your area rug intact and in perfect shape after our cleaning service on it.

We are very careful with our cleaning methods as to not damage fringes, bleed colors, stretch rugs or bring your rug back damp. We are extremely cautious and take care of your rugs as if they were our own.

Step By Step Cleaning Method For Our Deep Cleaning Services

Area Rug Cleaning New York City Broadway

Pre-Wash/Examination: Stage #1

Before any cleaning is began we examine your area rug for any color runs, vegetable dyes, mold and damages.

Fringes and bindings are checked for discrepancies.

Backings are reviewed for rips. If we will discover any we will photograph them, e-mail or text them to you if you wish.

Wash: Stage #2

Area Rug Cleaning New York City Broadway

First light washing of your rug.

Thin steam washing with our movable device to lift fibers from the surface of your area rug. This process will make it easier for the next stage of cleaning.

Deep Wash: Stage #3

Your rug may be left with some minor soap residue that accumulates new dirt sort of a magnet. We then soak your area rug in our large water only pool to completely remove all residue and any other spots that may be there.

Fragrance Scenting: Stage #4

This added step involves a very delicate fragrance that additional sanitizes your area rug and will gently freshen it up. Citrus, Cherry, Peach or Baby Powder fragrances are available.

Grooming & Drying: Stage #5

We groom your rug by setting the pile within the correct direction gently combing it. Comb fringes. We then dry area rugs in environmentally controlled area.

Absolutely different levels of warmth, temperature, and air flow; it is all tailored to individual oriental area rug types and fabrics.

Post-Wash Review: Stage #6

We will review the rug to make sure all stains and odors have been extracted.

If a second wash is required to get rid of stubborn stains, it will get one.

If your rug has gone over our 6 point step we will then contact you to arrange a delivery and drop off of your area rug.

All area rugs are delivered in paper or plastic, depending on the season.

We also do dry fabric cleaning of rug that are too delicate for the 6 step process or are made of fabric that does not allow wet cleaning.

Contact Us For Free Pickup and Delivery On Area Rug Cleaning

If you will choose us for your area rug in our home or office, we are ready to pick up the area rug without charging unnecessary fees.

Rug Cleaning With Tech Improved equipment

The tools used to clean your area rug will determine how long your area rug will last for you. We only use the best machine and rug cleaning gear that are friendly and soft on delicate materials. That is why you will be sure of having your rug in good shape after hiring us for quality and best cleaning service on your area rug.

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