The reason why Bed Bugs are Bad

Why Bed Bugs are Bad and Harmful?

Bed bugs are more likely to be a resistant and troublesome pest, hated by nearly all who have come encounter them. Getting rid and preventing of bed bugs has been a huge challenge seen as nearly as medieval times throughout some European countries. In addition, bed bugs are one of the intelligent creatures that decided to advance by the time their target least know it, often attacking as soon as the person is asleep and unconscious of their attacker.

The fact that bed bugs could cause a huge deal of harm than an individual could actually thought, it can lead to lots of harmful health effects such as increased anxiety, irritability, fatigue, depression and a lot more. In some individual, bed bug bites give arise to allergic reactions, which could lead to sever scratching. Bed bug bites are much worse for little kids and people along with existing health conditions. In some circumstances, bed bug bites could be dangerous in that as they can source anaphylactic shocks that need fast medical assistance.

Bed bugs could actually cause some social concerns

The worse thing about bed bug infestations is the fact that they can obstruct the social standing and status of an individual. Most people don’t want to stay in bed bug infested areas, especially hotels – a fact, which has led to the financial loss of lots hotel and motel owners. Similarly, apartments having this bed bug issues tend to lose their tenants and their reputations too. Homeowners having bed bug problems feel upset and embarrassed when they invite their friends over, thus, of which their relationships might be affected negatively.

Why Bed Bugs are Bad and HarmfulAnxiety, insomnia, and other mental disorders due to bed bugs

The answer to the question “why bed bugs are bad and harmful to us” mainly depend on how anxious the individual is. You will find some persons who’ve dealt with huge manifestations are not able to sleep well due to the anticipation of bites. They are more likely to feel worried and anxiety – a term that is called as delusional parasitosis. This is a type of mental illness where the person thinks about bugs that are crawling over him.

In addition, one also feels and sees bugs everywhere. In those patients, insomnia is quite common. Thus, they are not able to concentrate at work, suffer from mood swings, or might have low energy or feel depressed. The overall physical and mental wellbeing of those patients is extremely affected. Some circumstances might even require some psychiatric therapy for resolution.

  In most cases, bed bug bites don’t carry diseases, however, they are known to transmit pathogens of Hepatitis B and plague. Therefore, dismissing bed bugs as not bad and harmless might actually mean that you are ignoring the suffering, pain as well as emotional distress caused by it to its victims. Bottom line, the modern study has proven that these bed bug bites are much worse than we think. Hence, we should take all the precautionary measures for its control and prevention.