Why Carpet Is Getting Dirty So Fast

After cleaning your carpet, you have noticed dirt spreading onto it. What’s the real reason behind?

Some people think that getting more dirt quickly after cleaning their carpet is just an urban myth. Generally, this happens when the carpet is not cleaned correctly as more amount of dirt quickly grows.

There are several factors that contribute to this:

  • Failure to vacuum before the steam cleaning of carpet

It is very important to vacuum the carpet before doing a steam cleaning to loose particles. If these dry soils or loose particles are not eliminated, they can potentially wick back up to the exterior as soon as the carpet dries. This will eventually give the look of your carpet becoming dirty again when it dries.

  • Using the cleaning solution while doing a steam carpet cleaning

Some detergents don’t have the ability to get rid of remains from the carpet. The cleaning solution can possibly remove other grime that has trapped to the oil, which makes it look clean. But with sticky oil there, new dirt and other soils will quickly stuck to the oil, making it look dirty again. Remember to use the right detergent when removing oils and other soils.

  • Failure to re-spray the detergent

Some carpet cleaners or homeowners put the detergent in the cleaning solution for the main purpose of saving time. However, this is not a good practice because this will only leave great amount of detergents on your carpet after cleaning it. This will become sticky, as well as attracts dirt and other particles, which allows the carpet to become dirty after cleaning. Therefore, the detergent should be re-sprayed before cleaning. By doing so, sticky remains can be easily removed.

  • Large amounts of water on lighter carpet

Carpets have a jute backing that responds with water. If too much water has been used or equipment for carpet cleaning is not set to the proper pressure, expect the water to go into the jute backing and then evaporate. Browning of carpet can take place.

  • Failure to rinse the carpet

Some carpet cleaners do not rinse the carpet in trying to do the cleaning quickly. But this should not be the case, because sticky residues can stuck on the carpet and attract dirt. As a result, the carpet will not look good at its best.

Cheap carpet cleaners also cause the carpet to easily acquire dirt even after cleaning. It is recommended to avoid ads for cheap carpet cleaning because they use high PH cleaners and low powered machines that do not clean carpets deeply. It is best to invest in a quite expensive carpet cleaner since you are completely guaranteed your carpet will receive the proper cleaning it critically deserves.

  Cleaning your carpet may seem a simple task, but the process is quite intricate. Not to mention proper cleaning solution and tools to fully clean the carpet. Leaving the job to the professional hands of Manhattan, NYC is a smart decision you can make, since they are equipped with in-depth carpet cleaning process, quality cleaning solutions and cleaning tools for a job well done.